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After being hit by both Panda and Penguin, we hired an SEO company to help us regain our loss in traffic. After 6 months and almost $10,000 spent we saw little to no gain. Needless to say they were fired and I searched for someone else to help us. Paul’s name kept showing up in blogs and on other SEO sites, so I figured I’d give him a try.

My only concern was the 8 hour time difference. As it turned out it wasn’t a problem, since Paul made every effort to work with our schedule. In my initial conversation with Paul I gained more insight into how to fix our particular problems than I did in 6 months of working with the previous company.
Paul’s audit gave us the information we needed to get us back on track. We are already, in a short time, seeing the results of implementing his suggestions.

Written by Paul Rogers

Paul is an experienced digital marketing & ecommerce consultant, specialising in digital strategy, SEO and Magento solutions. Paul has consulted for brands from all over the world and also founded and co-owns GPMD (a Magento agency).