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I came to Paul off the back of some truly atrocious work by previous “SEO” companies and that has been one of the best decisions i made. After a quick call it was obvious that Paul has so much passion and enthusiasm for SEO and other marketing not to mention having an absolute wealth of knowledge on the subject matter. Paul has done an audit on 3 of our websites and that was even more thorough than I expected and gave a lot of actionable recommendations something which as been lacking with previous audits we have had done.

If Paul had more time I would give him our whole SEO/Marketing budget which is the biggest recommendation I can give. He is a really nice guy, straight talking and honest, something that is sadly very difficult to find in this niche.

Written by Paul Rogers

Paul is an experienced digital marketing & ecommerce consultant, specialising in digital strategy, SEO and Magento solutions. Paul has consulted for brands from all over the world and also founded and co-owns GPMD (a Magento agency).